Monday, 1 October 2012

Jewellery and me!

It is only since meeting my business partner and dear friend Jane that I actually took a deep interest into jewellery. I didn't know the difference between a jade bead or an agate. Opalite was not in my personal dictionary and I basically knew nothing about stones.

Well since my introduction to the mystical semi previous stones, I like to think I'm pretty well up on which is which, but my favourite thing about the stones is how they feel.
I love that cold often smooth feeling its magical.
I love to look at all the different colours running through certain beads.
I think I can honestly say Jane has converted me into being a true jewellery lover. I don't see a problem with buying a piece of jewellery that is loved, THEN buying everything else to match, ie dress shoes bags etc. a piece of jewellery CAN totally make an outfit!!

I also feel I'm a bit of a magpie as I do love sparkly things. I think the the thing with jewellery is you like a piece or you don't. It's so personal.

I like to think there would be something within our website that would appeal to all tastes.
Jane and I are starting to ' get over' selling things that aren't our taste as we know others will like. It was very difficult getting over this believe me. I think secretly we DO still actually like everything we sell if perhaps there are some things we may not wear we still like.

The semi precious jewellery is slightly different. As Jane designs and hand makes all if our stock, she HAS to like what she makes. To me that isn't a problem because her designs are so varied and striking u can't see anyone not liking something.

have a look for yourself