Saturday, 3 November 2012

Counting The Days To New York City

Well our trip to NYC comes closer and closer, it has kind of dampened our spirits due to the fact hurricane Sandy has left such devistation.
We as always will have a great time playing, working, and playing a bit more, but our thoughts are most definately with those poor souls who have lost everything, some even their lives.

We are still very much looking forward to our trip, where we will be sourcing new suppliers of semi precious
beads, along with a touch of the trendy fashion jewellery.

We are very interested in meeting new contacts in NYC, with hopefully creating some business links with buyers / suppliers out there.

If anyone would like to arrange a business meeting with us, we are there between 11th November 2012- 15th November 2012. please email me for arranging a meeting

We would certainly love to meet some new contacts / friends whilst we are there.

Our semi precious stone range of unique jewellery is going down a storm as the holiday season fast approaches, its nice to thing your or your loved ones can have a piece of jewellery that is quality, unique and affordable, and the knowledge that the design will never be repeated makes it more special.

If you are looking for a gift that will impress have a look today