Monday, 5 November 2012

Perperation ..... The final countdown New York

There really are only a matter of days now until we land in New York so the prep must begin.
There will not be any new listings on cheldi jewellery for a couple of weeks, this week I will be showing my friend around the website etc so orders can continue to be sent out first class and straight  away. Katy, my friend, has helped many times before, and even has her own site so its just really a matter of showing her were things are. ( sometimes I don't know ha ha ).

I can't begin to tell you how excited Jane and I are about our impending trip. We are like a couple of school girls planning and giggling.

We know a few places already to find new semi precious beads and I'm sure we will find more. ( they cannot hide from the  intrepid warriors!)

So needless to say, our trip will be the inspiration to more new ranges in our already unique and unusual semi precious stone designs.

But fear not, we will of course find plenty of time to 'play'. Work hard, play harder. A great motto!!

And so the countdown is on ............