Sunday, 16 September 2012

Blogs, twitter, Facebook etc etc

How did businesses get going in the 'old' days before social networking? All the top web advisors these days say you must blog, you must tweet, get a Facebook page etc etc. Well..... How did businesses get going prior to all this technology? It's not good enough just to have the best products at the best prices.
I met a lovely man the other day who was telling me how talented his daughter was. She was a designer of some description not sure what of, and I know your parents think you are great at whatever you do, but I truly believed him when he said how talented she was.
He said her problem was she had no idea how to market her creations. Not a clue. He felt so helpless that even he couldn't help her.
I tried to offer a bit of my limited advice but it really got me wondering how many great and talented creators we have out there that will NEVER get discovered as they can't get their heads round the net.
Move with the times or get left behind it seems.