Saturday, 29 September 2012

Moving on???

Well the 'funerals' of my colleagues take place next week. I inverted the word funeral as it isn't the funeral. It maybe a form of service but I'm told the actual funerals are NOT after this service. One will be in Scotland the other I believe Oldham. I'm making a point about this because my heart is reaching out for the family.
After my mum died (the most traumatic loss on my life) we had the 'funeral' at church. Then it went on to the crem. Some 4 weeks later we interned the ashes. All of these events were upsetting, traumatic and until each one had completed there was no way of thinking of moving on.
These poor families of my murdered colleagues are going through so many different types of funerals vigils etc, how long before they have closure and even have a starting point for moving on?
I'm not criticizing what is taking place as I'm sure the families wishes are fully being taken into account by the police service, it's just making me realise how hard life must be for them.
The families have obviously allowed their own feelings be put slightly aside to allow police officers everywhere to mourn also.
What a brave set of people!
It will be a long time until they are able to start functioning again 'normally'. I never say before they 'forget' the best I feel they can ever achieve is they ever get to 'live with it' but from my own personal experience it will be a very very long time... I'm afraid to say if ever. I do hope they WILL after time they will be able to live with what's happened.
My prayers are with all those people who have been close to Nicola and Fiona. May god give you the strength to cope.