Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sad times for the police family.

Out of respect I will not be blogging about jewellery for a few days. It's very hard to think about anything else other than my colleagues murders at my division in GMP.
I would like to say that from the bottom of my heart this has been the worst incident in my career, and believe me there have been several 'moments' over the past 24 years.
My heart goes out to the family friends and close working colleague to Nicola and Fiona. This is a truly unbelievable unacceptable loss for you.
The police service is like a 'family'
It hurts when any officer is attacked or worse in any part of the country, if it's GMP then the pain is more personal. If its G Div in GMP then that's close family. I've spent my whole service on the G div, so yes, this hurts more than most.
I didn't no the girls well, I've spoken to Nicola more and found her to be very pleasant and very keen. Very helpful and just generally a nice person.
I've seen Fiona in passing but not sure I've spoke to her. This does not lessen the massive loss felt for both of them.
Today after 2 days off I return to work knowing I am going to enter a building in mourning.
My colleagues will be drained, still numb and mostly working on auto pilot.
The ultimate sacrifice has been paid by 2 young girls just doing a job they loved.
This last comment is NOT a political one just a common sense one. Please do not EVER compare a police officers job to that of ANY other public sector worker. The role of a police officer is unique.
R.I.P. Fiona and Nicola. You will never be forgotten.