Friday, 26 April 2013

A Beautiful Day In Royton Oldham

Today, is lovely sunshine, it isn't even cold. (is this Manchester?) All sounds good? Well it would be if my windows hadn't been so dirty!!!!
The sunshine really shows them up!

So I'm sat here listing some of the most beautiful gemstone jewellery ever, and am being constantly distracted by grimy windows.

Can I ignore them? will the sun go in? No to both of them.

2 hours later and a lot of climbing on furniture, i have a beautiful very large very clean window to look out of!

All great? No the blooming sun has gone off the windows......Come back sally sunshine and show off my  clean windows :-(

I suppose you cant have everything in life, i am still listing fabulous gemstone jewellery on our new and sharper website. I'm pleased with its progress..... You may have noticed (as I'm now writing the blog, that i get easily distracted)

If you get a minute, please take a look at our website, I would love to hear your views