Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Night At The Theatre its a mystery miss toyah wilcox

Well cheldi jewellery had the night off tonight and took themselves off to the theater! It sounded just what the doctor had ordered!
'hormonal housewives' starring among others  toyah wilcox ...........its a mystery!
well 3 middle ageish women going to see an alleged comedy about a time in their lives they will soon be reaching.

Well, the ingredients were there, however that was it. There were 3 females in the show, I have no idea who they were apart from our 80's star toyah!

OMG, it was awful! it had such potential as well. If I had to vote for worst actress ever... Toyah I'm afraid you take that award.

Her timing was well out, every time she spoke she was so wooden, and acting like a pantomime understudy.

The  phrase still stands...........'its a mystery' firstly how did toyah get the part? and secondly WHY  did i pay good money for that??

I think tomorrow I wil have to lose myself into more work on the website, in an attempt to rid the painful memory of tonight. Toyah.......dont give up the day job