Saturday, 27 April 2013

What's Your Favourite Gemstone And Why??

All gemstones are unique, that is, there are no 2 stones alike from any string.

What draws you to a particular gemstone? is it colour? the look? the feel?

I have 2 preferences, one is that i like the colour, and secondly, I like the way it feels. That moment when you first put on a necklace, the stones are so cold, they fill your body with a shiver, is that the cold, or is it excitement OR is it both?

My personal favourite stone (if i HAD to narrow it down to 1) I think would be amethyst (the dark purple shade) Amethysts, come in all sorts of shades, but perhaps the most recognisable is the deep purple colour.
If you look closely to any stone, you will see a wonder of shades and marks. Each stone having unique markings and shades. Its only when you look so closely, you will begin to see the magic inside the stone.

So, what is your favourite stone and why? If you look at our new look website, I have also classed stones in colours too as well as just gemstones. This may make it easier if in fact you do have a favourite colour instead of a favourite stone.

Let me know which you like best and why.

Enjoy Di