Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What do you look for when searching on jewellery sites?

Well today has been a mixture of photography and then listing products.

I do try and be as descriptive as possible with every listing i do either on the website or on other arenas when selling our products.

I know what i look for when navigating a website, easy navigation, categories that reflect their contents, good search facilities and especially good truthful pictures. What do you look for?

There is nothing worse that seeing a piece of jewelley on a picture, falling in love with it, buying it, then receiving it only to be disappointed with the quality when it arrives.

Fortunately, to date, i have never had anyone complain of quality of products, reflecting again that cheldi jewellery DOES only sell quality items.

In life, i have always treated people the way i would want to be treated, the same could be said when i sell items. I would never want a customer dissatisfied with a product, just as i wouldn't want to be.

I'm always happy to hear comments on the content of our website, so would look forward to replies to this post