Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The All New Look Cheldi Jewellery I.T. and me!!!!

Well today I have spent a good 8 hours creating a new front page for our website!!  Is it me???
Well HTML and such forth sometimes goes right over my head, the problems that come with age! I'm not quite a dinosaur with the old I.T. but am not a whizz either. It a struggle but I enjoy the challenge.

Theres only me showing an interest in it, buy hey ho, I suppose I am just proud of myself even if no one else is........... yes its blowing ones own trumpet time. and boy do I have some puff!

I know its each to their own, but come on, all constructive criticism is welcome (if it doesn't  hurt too much) I've had enough hurt in my life recently, but I digress.

We have decided to go for a more sharp look on our website, and we are now concentrating purely on gemstone jewellery.

We have learned that we cannot offer enough attention to the important jewellery i.e gemstones, when we are diversifying with other jewellery........ So Gemstones you have our full attention at last!

It will take a few weeks to have our full catalogue listed, but bare with us, I'm doing my best. My trouble is. I get so excited about new lines and want everyone to see them NOW..

So please, still feel free to browse, and buy our exciting and classy jewellery even throughout the revamp of the website. I cam assure you orders will still be sent out in the very next post. first class.

Well my little bloggers that's it for tonight, sooooooo please take a look at www.cheldijewellery.co.uk and if you feel constructive criticism can be offered, im all ears